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[4] The proximity to the largest Italian river has been a constant concern in the history of Ferrara, that has been affected by recurrent, disastrous floods, the latest occurring as recently as 1951. salta i contenuti principali a vai al menu. COMUNE DI FERRARA | 332 followers on LinkedIn. 10/04/1910, n. 639, nonché secondo le disposizioni del D.P.R. The palazzo includes frescoes depicting the life of Borso d'Este, the signs of the zodiac and allegorical representations of the months. Piazza del Municipio, 2 - 44121 Ferrara Centralino: +39 0532 419111 Fax: +39 0532 419389 Codice fiscale: 00297110389 . [7], Near the cathedral and the castle also lies the 15th-century city hall, that served as an earlier residence of the Este family, featuring a grandiose marble flight of stairs and two ancient bronze statues of Niccolò III and Borso of Este. La collaborazione con l’Azienda Usl di Ferrara consente di effettuare un percorso di screening sierologico per la ricerca degli anticorpi anti SARS-CoV-2.... Leggi tutto [37][38] Maurizio Moro (15??–16??) [22], The legislative body of the Italian communes is the City Council (Consiglio Comunale), which, in towns having between 100,000 and 250,000 population, is composed by 32 councillors elected every five years with a proportional system, contextually to the mayoral elections. The resulting "Erculean Addition" is considered one of the most important examples of Renaissance urban planning[13] and contributed to the selection of Ferrara as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Its famous alumni include Nicolaus Copernicus and Paracelsus. [9] In 1264 Obizzo II of Este was thus proclaimed lifelong ruler of Ferrara, Lord of Modena in 1288 and of Reggio in 1289. It was paid for and made by Yom-Tob ben Levi Athias (the Spanish Marrano Jerónimo de Vargas, as typographer) and Abraham ben Salomon Usque (the Portuguese Jew Duarte Pinhel, as translator), and was dedicated to Ercole II d'Este. Seafood is also an important part of the local tradition, that boast rich fisheries in the Po delta lagoons and Adriatic sea. The largest immigrant group was other European nations with Ukraine and Albania: 2.59% followed by North Africa: 0.51%, and East Asia: 0.39%. da: Italia Nostra Ferrara OSSERVAZIONI alla delibera di Giunta del Comune di Ferrara GC-2020-396 Linee guida per interventi di efficientamento energetico. The palazzo houses the National Picture Gallery, with a large collection of the school of Ferrara, which first rose to prominence in the latter half of the 15th century, with Cosimo Tura, Francesco Cossa and Ercole dei Roberti. E' un collegamento esterno che permette ai dipendenti del Comune di Ferrara di accedere - via internet - alle seguenti informazioni personali: ... COMUNE DI FERRARA. On December 13, 2017, the first day of Hanukkah, Italy's Museum of Italian Judaism and the Shoah opened on the site of a restored two-story brick prison built in 1912 that counted Jews during the Fascist period among its detainees. Furthermore, Wim Wenders and Michelangelo Antonioni's Beyond the Clouds in (1995) and Ermanno Olmi's The Profession of Arms in (2001), a film about the last days of Giovanni dalle Bande Nere, were also shot in Ferrara. As of 2006[update], 95.59% of the population was Italian. Il Comune di Ferrara ha attivato, dal 15 maggio 2015, la riscossione coattiva diretta delle proprie entrate, tributarie e non, ai sensi del D.L. Local patisserie include spicy pampepato chocolate pie, tenerina, a dark chocolate and butter cake, and zuppa inglese, a chocolate and custard pudding on a bed of sponge cake soaked in Alchermes. Emergenza sanitaria, arriva il progetto "Ferrara si aiuta" a partire dallo sport; 11-12-2020 QUESTURA DI FERRARA - Incontro in Comune tra Questore e Sindaco. [16] In 1805–1814 it was briefly part of the Napoleonic Kingdom of Italy, a client-state of the French Empire. During the spring of 1799, the city had fallen into the hands of the Republic of France, which established a small garrison there. The fortress was completely dismantled following the birth of the Kingdom of Italy and the bricks were used for new constructions throughout over town.[17]. These successes were based on Ferrara's artillery, produced in his own foundry which was the best of its time.[14][15]. Pagina istituzionale del Comune di Ferrara. During WWII, the Este Castle, adjacent to the Corso Roma, now known as the Corso Martiri della Libertà, was the site of an infamous massacre in 1943. However, an earthquake struck the town in 1570, causing the economy to collapse, and when Ercole II's son Alfonso II died without heirs, the House of Este lost Ferrara to the Papal States. Among the finest is Palazzo dei Diamanti (Diamond Palace), named after the diamond points into which the façade's stone blocks are cut. Established in 1279, it is probably the oldest such competition in the world. Dicembre 2020; Novembre 2020; Ottobre 2020; Settembre 2020; Agosto 2020; Marzo 2020; Febbraio 2020 ; Gennaio 2020; Links utili; Newsletter; Modulistica; Reclami « indietro. COMUNE DI FERRARA is a government administration company based out of PIAZZA MUNICIPALE 2, FERRARA, Ferrara, Italy. Paul Badura-Skoda. The Italian Jewish writer, Giorgio Bassani, was from Ferrara. The recumbent marble lions guarding the portals are copies of the originals, now in the cathedral's museum. After making the standard request for surrender at 0800, which was refused, Klenau ordered a barrage from his mortars and howitzers. The Renaissance literary men and poets Torquato Tasso (author of Jerusalem Delivered), Ludovico Ariosto (author of the romantic epic poem Orlando Furioso) and Matteo Maria Boiardo (author of the grandiose poem of chivalry and romance Orlando Innamorato) lived and worked at the court of Ferrara during the 15th and 16th century. Residenza Comunale: Piazza del Popolo, 1 - 48121 Ravenna - Telefono (centralino): +39 0544 482111 / +39 0544 485111 - telefax +39 … As of 2016[update] it had 132,009 inhabitants. Accerbi reports that wages were the equivalent of a daily intake of 21 ". The besieged garrison made several sorties from the Saint Paul's Gate, which were repulsed by the insurgent peasants. After the 1815 Congress of Vienna, Ferrara was given back to the Pope, now guaranteed by the Empire of Austria. [47] Not unusual is the typical kosher salami made of goose meat stuffed in goose neck skin. Ferrara, a university city second only to Bologna, remained a part of the Papal States for almost 300 years, an era marked by a steady decline; in 1792 the population of the town was only 27,000, less than in the 17th century. [32], Klenau took possession of the town on 21 May, and garrisoned it with a light battalion. Indirizzi, numeri di telefono, caselle e-mail delle strutture e dei dipendenti comunali Comune di Ferrara Piazza del Municipio, 2 44121 Ferrara Centralino 0532 419111 Fax 0532 419389. An elaborated 13th-century relief depicting the Last Judgement is found in the second storey of the porch. [42], The town's football team, SPAL, was established in 1907. The French attempted two rescues of the beleaguered fortress: the first, on 24 April, when a force of 400 Modenese was repulsed at Mirandola and the second, General Montrichard tried to raise the city-blockade by advancing with a force of 4,000. Rubrica telefonica del Comune di Ferrara con settori, servizi e uffici comunali, indirizzi, … This compares with the Italian average of 18.06% (minors) and 19.94% (pensioners). Comunicati. Pagina ufficiale del Comune di Ferrara. [25] It was extensively renovated in the 15th and 16th centuries. [6], There is uncertainty among scholars about the proposed Roman origin of the settlement in its current location (Tacitus and Boccaccio refer to a "Forum Alieni"[7]), for little is known of this period,[8] but some archeologic evidence points to the hypothesis that Ferrara could have been originated from two small Byzantine settlements: a cluster of facilities around the Cathedral of St. George, on the right bank of the main branch of the Po, which then ran much closer to the city than today, and a castrum, a fortified complex built on the left bank of the river to defend against the Lombards.[9]. The Jewish settlement, located in three streets forming a triangle near the cathedral, became a ghetto in 1627. "Interpreting Bach at the Keyboard", p. 259. Apart from a few years under Napoleon and during the 1848 revolution, the ghetto lasted until Italian unification in 1859. [18] Mass industrialisation came to Ferrara only at the end of the 1930s with the set-up of a chemical plant by the Fascist regime that should have supplied the regime with synthetic rubber. Comune di Siena. [5] The ruins of the Etruscan town of Spina, established along the lagoons at the ancient mouth of Po river, were lost until modern times, when drainage schemes in the Valli di Comacchio marshes in 1922 first officially revealed a necropolis with over 4,000 tombs, evidence of a population centre that in Antiquity must have played a major role. [31] For the next three days, Klenau patrolled the countryside, capturing the surrounding strategic points of Lagoscuro, Borgoforte and the Mirandola fortress. [21] The Idrovia Ferrarese links the river Po from Ferrara to the Adriatic at Porto Garibaldi. Rubrica telefonica comunale Uffici comunali, indirizzi, telefoni, persone, mail e orari consultabili online. The northern quarter, which was added by Ercole I in 1492–1505 thanks to the master plan of Biagio Rossetti, and hence called the Addizione Erculea, features a number of Renaissance palazzi. it had 132,009 inhabitants. See 1 photo from 15 visitors to Comune Di Ferrara - Servizio Commercio. The first documented settlements in the area of the present-day Province of Ferrara date from the 6th century BC. The situation of the Jews deteriorated in 1598, when the Este dynasty moved to Modena and the city came under papal control. Pasta with clams and grilled or stewed eel dishes are especially well-known. The current division of the seats in the city council, after the 2019 local election, is the following: The imposing Este Castle, sited in the very centre of the town, is iconic of Ferrara. 70/2011, da attuarsi ex R.D. The vestibule was decorated with stucco mouldings by Domenico di Paris [it]. The astounding list of painters and artists includes the names of Andrea Mantegna, Vicino da Ferrara, Giovanni Bellini, Leon Battista Alberti, Pisanello, Piero della Francesca, Battista Dossi, Dosso Dossi, Cosmé Tura, Francesco del Cossa and Titian. "Terminato verifiche sui BBMM per Protezione Civile di oggi" Rubrica Nominativo Dati; Abate Daniela: Segreteria Organi Istituzionali P.zza E. Chanoux, 1 Telefono: 0165 300424 E-mail: d.abate@comune.aosta.it Aiazzi Guido: Comando di Polizia locale - Viabilità Guida ai servizi (URP) Newsletter Oggetti Smarriti Rubrica telefonica comunale; Link utili Gli enti e le istituzioni del territorio, siti web e servizi utili. Il comune di Lagosanto partecipa per la provincia di Ferrara al premio “Piccolo comune amico” lanciato dal Codacons e che sarà presentato ufficialmente sabato 12 dicembre alle ore 11:30 nel corso di un evento in streaming sulla pagina Facebook del Codacons al quale parteciperà il noto critico d’arte Vittorio Sgarbi. [9] The sculptures of the main portal are attributed to Nicholaus [it]. In 2017 it was promoted to Serie A, Italy's top-level football league, after a 49-year absence. [26] The duomo has been renovated many times through the centuries, thus its resulting eclectic style is a harmonious combination of the Romanesque central structure and portal, the Gothic upper part of the façade and the Renaissance campanile. Large land reclamation works were carried out for decades with the aim to expand the available arable land and eradicate malaria from the wetlands along the Po delta. The signature dish is cappellacci di zucca, special ravioli with a filling of butternut squash, Parmigiano-Reggiano and flavored with nutmeg. QUESTURA DI FERRARA - Incontro in Comune tra Questore e Sindaco. The town is still almost totally encircled by 9 kilometres (6 miles) of ancient brick walls, mostly built between 1492 and 1520. Minors (children ages 18 and younger) totalled 12.28% of the population compared to pensioners who number 26.41%. The Ferrarese musician Girolamo Frescobaldi was one of the most important composers of keyboard music in the late Renaissance and early Baroque periods. The town has broad streets and numerous palaces dating from the Renaissance, when it hosted the court of the House of Este. The building also contains fine choir-books with miniatures and a collection of coins and Renaissance medals. His celebrated book, The Garden of the Finzi-Continis, was published in Italian as Giardino dei Finzi-Contini, 1962, by Giulio Einaudi editore s.p.a. Rubrica telefonica; Regolamenti; COC Accoglienza; Sportello di difesa civica; Comunicati. 30K likes. The town of Ferrara lies on the southern shores of the Po river, about 44 km (27 mi) north-east of the regional capital, Bologna, and 87 km (54 mi) south of Venice. COMUNE DI FERRARA. Another peculiar dish, that was allegedly cooked by Renaissance chef Cristoforo di Messisbugo, is pasticcio di maccheroni, a domed macaroni pie, consisting of a crust of sweet dough enclosing macaroni in a Béchamel sauce, studded with porcini mushrooms and ragù alla bolognese. [19] During the Second World War Ferrara was repeatedly bombed by Allied warplanes that targeted and destroyed railway links and industrial facilities. [4] For its beauty and cultural importance, it has been designated by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. Modulistica L'URP si occupa della raccolta, classificazione e pubblicazione in rete della modulistica dell'Ente, attualmente in vigore. It was the private residence of merchant Giovanni Romei, related by marriage to the Este family, and likely the work of the court architect Pietrobono Brasavola. [25], The Cathedral of Saint George, designed by Wiligelmus and consecrated in 1135, is one of the finest examples of Romanesque architecture. The territory of the municipality, entirely part of the Padan plain, is overwhelmingly flat, situated on average just 9 metres (30 ft) above sea-level. Piazza del Municipio, 2 - 44121 Ferrara Centralino: +39 0532 419111 Fax: +39 0532 419389 Codice fiscale: 00297110389 ... salta le informazioni sul Comune di Ferrara e vai al sommario delle sezioni di questa pagina. Da: Sara Folegatti, Comune di Comacchio L’Amministrazione comunale ha approvato una misura straordinaria e urgente di ristoro alle imprese danneggiate dalle misure restrittive approvate con l’ultimo D.P.C.M. Gli indirizzi email e i numeri di telefono dei dipendenti sono reperibili nella rubrica telefonica del Comune. UFFICI A...Z Gli uffici del comune presenti sul web in ordine alfabetico 3. [11] Lionello and, especially, Ercole I were among the most important patrons of the arts in late 15th- and early 16th-century Italy. It is often followed by salama da sugo, a very big, cured sausage made from a selection of pork meats and spices kneaded with red wine. The traditional Christmas first course is cappelletti, large meat and cheese filled ravioli served in chicken broth. Klenau blockaded the city, leaving a small group of artillery and troops to continue the siege.

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